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Conner Gilliland

About Me

Texas born and raised, and meant for the stage. I grew up in the fine arts and professionally studied musical theatre for most of my life prior to college. I started at Baylor University as a Vocal Performance major, where I quickly realized I wanted something different for myself. It took some searching, but I have found how to channel that same passion of the arts into the world of business, where I am an HR leader and executive coach for an automotive technology company. 

Outside of the office, you can catch me with my two Golden doodles, Annie and Finnegan, tracking down the best Bloody Mary in Massachusetts. I enjoy trying new restaurants and exploring all New England has to offer. 

Why I Row   I row for the sole purpose of helping others realize their power and strength. I am a firm believer that everyone walks into the Deep Blue with the power to do something magical, it is all a process of realizing that power inside over the course of 60 minutes.

Music Style Pop, Disco/EDM

Dream Row Republic location Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Instagram Handle @connermgilliland 

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