You are about to embark on your first class at Row Republic. Below are some tips and info on what to expect the first time you take a class at Row Republic.


First time orientation / Pre-class

  • Book your spot ahead through our website or using the Row Republic iPhone app

  • You’ll always be greeted with a fist bump and a smile

  • Full towel service available at the studio entrance

  • FOR FIRST-TIMERS: show up to class at least 15 minutes early for your pre-class orientation. This is where you will learn about (a) proper rowing form (b) how our class works (c) and have any questions answered


Ready to Row? It’s about to go DOWN.

Before we get our meters in and get lifting those weights we’ll run through a functional warm up to get your body ready for class.

ROUND 1 (8-10 MINUTE Intervals; Focus on Endurance)

Grab the handle and let’s let it RIP. Your first round will be the longest one of class. We will push your endurance and speed (and crank up the heart rate).

You will do an interval of rowing and an interval of targeted body strength training with a small recovery transitioning between the two sections.

ROUND 2 (6-7 Minute Intervals; Focus on Anaerobic Threshold)

One round down, two more to go. Your second round will reduce the amount of time of rowing and strength training but will increase the intensity. This is where we focus on developing your anaerobic threshold and maintaining our elevated heart rate throughout the workout.

This section due to its mix of high intensity and time frame at an elevated heart rate burn the most calories for most clients.

ROUND 3 (3-4 Minute Intervals; focus on max effort and speed)

It’s time to go breathless. This is the highest intensity but shortest round of your workout. We will focus on short sprint work with minimal recovery in order to max out our power on the rower and floor to finish off your class.

The final round leaves you inspired and filled with confidence. We use the “max watts” metric to motivate you to hit your highest power output of the class. This is where we drop the hammer. This is where we grind and push ourselves to the limit.

LET’S GET YOU ROWING with the Republic