We're Coming Boston

Rowing Meets Strength for the Ultimate 60 Minute Workout.


What is Row Republic?

Row Republic is Boston’s first rowing fitness studio. Rowing and strength training combine for the ultimate workout. It’s full body, it’s fast paced, and it’s unlike any other workout you’ve done before. 60 minutes of sweat paired with luxury amenities, top notch instructors, and a welcoming staff make it more than just a workout— it’s an experience.

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Rowing + Strength

5-7 minute intervals of rowing and strength training for a complete full body workout.


Club Sound System

What pairs with a killer playlist? The highest grade speakers on the market. Prepare to be immersed in the music.

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Luxury Amenities

Spa showers and styling area stocked with Sachajuan and Drybar products. Go ahead. Pamper yourself.