Our mission at Row Republic is to create Power. Power on the rower. Power in the room. Power in you. We pull and press united. We rip and row as one. As the blue lights shine on us we connect with the speed and strength journey that lies ahead. We come together as one because the boat moves faster when we all work together. Row Republic is a community, a class, an experience, a challenge, and whatever you need it to be.

At Row Republic we are creating powerful bodies, souls, and people that bring out our best selves.


Although we’re siblings, and now co-founders, we both credit rowing to what has created our unbreakable bond.

Kristina: During high school, I decided to hang up my cleats and join the rowing team. I didn't know much about the sport other than that it helps kids get into college and rowing gets you into amazing shape. Knowing those two things it was an easy decision for me, so I became a coxswain for the boys’ team at Community Rowing Inc. It was my first time participating in a racing sport so little did I know how much I was going to love the competitive and motivational elements of it.

Once I saw my brother suffer a severe head football injury I thought maybe rowing could bring him the same athletic happiness it had brought me.

Joey: It all started for me in 2010, I was college football player and got a career ending concussion in my first game...ever. With my athletic dream over in an instant and still being football sized at 275 pounds, I felt completely defeated. I couldn’t run or do high impact cardio because of a previous knee injury. Seeing this my sister recommended I try rowing and to be honest I didn’t really know what I was in for.

I gave it a shot and I am forever grateful that I did. I lost 60 pounds in 3 months and gained tremendous confidence. I got my athletic purpose back.

Rowing is something that has brought us together and taught us so much about teamwork, discipline, hard work, and friendship. Seeing major luxury boutique brands sweep the nation (in spinning, running, yoga) we wondered why there wasn’t a rowing experience that meshed the benefits of rowing with a 5 star hospitality experience.

This is why we developed Row Republic. To create an immersive fitness experience that leaves you happier and more confident than when you walked in. This is something new. Something different. Something awesome.