Why did we choose Rowing?


Because it’s awesome…don’t worry that is not the only reason why we thought opening a rowing studio in Boston would be a great idea. We get asked this question all the time, “why out of all the forms of exercise did you choose rowing”. We’re about to lay out the top reasons why rowing will get you in the best physical and mental shape of your life.


1) It’s full body “Power Cardio”

Spinning and running both provide excellent cardiovascular workouts, but you won’t see when it comes to muscle growth. In a March Business Insider article it was found that “Rowing activates nine muscle groups and 85% of the body's musculature,”. We call this “power cardio” because of how rowing simultaneously provides a cardiovascular and strength training workout. This is why indoor rowing does more than just burn calories (and yes you can still burn over 1000), it transforms your body. We mean it when we say “Rowers get Ripped.”


2) It builds the body without breaking it.

Rowing, a seated form of exercise, removes the pounding on your knees, ankles, and hips that you would get from running and plyometrics. The reduction in impact on your joints removes the need for injury recovery which helps you workout on a more consistent basis. You will wake up the next day tired but not in pain which is important when considering a Row Republic class as apart of a weekly workout plan.


3) Rowing is crazy efficient.

We at Row Republic wanted to create an experience that was the most efficient 60 minute fitness class possible. The rowing machine was an easy choice burning 2-3 times more calories than other forms of cardiovascular exercise while simultaneously building muscle. While the rowing portion of our class works 85% of your muscles per stroke, we kick it up a notch at Row Republic by pairing this with muscle targeted strength training. Our programming focuses on a different muscle group each day so that you receive a balanced workout plan and every part of the body is properly worked.


4) It is meant to be done with others.

At some point, we have all seen an indoor rowing machine at our local gym sitting in the corner collecting dust. Want to know why? Rowing is meant to be done with others, which makes it a perfect option for group fitness. We designed the class so that we all row together creating a cohesive energy in the room that you have to feel firsthand. Just ask anyone who has rowed competitively and they’ll tell you that the energy of rowing together is what makes it addicting (aside from seeing their abs start to emerge too).


5) There are other rowing studios...but no rowing experiences.

Row Republic is not the first rowing studio ever created, but we are the first concept designed to provide a 5-star hospitality experience. We pride ourselves that one of our pillars at Row Republic is that we focus on the fine details to create the finest experiences. Our team has put attention into every detail of the studio from the hand selected bath products, the exclusive black and green tea scent diffuser, and our state of the art Italian-designed Technogym Skillrow indoor rowing machines. We wanted to create an experience that was world class in every way imaginable. We can’t wait to welcome you into our studio so you can experience it yourself!